Ceci est un test (Accordion):

Liste des content types vraiment utiles 

Accordion: Create vertically stacked expandable items https://h5p.org/accordion

Column: Column layout for H5P Content (organize H5P content in a column) https://h5p.org/column

Dialog: cards Create text-based turning cards (turn the card to get the answer/the translation) https://h5p.org/dialog-cards

Drag and Drop: Create drag and drop tasks with images (associate a piece of text with an image by dragging it onto a picture) https://h5p.org/drag-and-drop

Drag the words: Create text-based drag and drop tasks (drag the right piece of text in a sentence) https://h5p.org/drag-the-words

Essay: Create essay with instant feedback (include the possibility to ask for a minimum of words https://h5p.org/content-types/essay

Fill in the blanks: Create a task with missing words in a text https://h5p.org/fill-in-the-blanks

Find multiple hotspots: Create many hotspots for users to find => e.g. Find all the vegetables in this picture https://h5p.org/find-multiple-hotspots

Find the word: Grid word search game https://h5p.org/find-the-words

Flashcards: Create stylish and modern flashcards https://h5p.org/flashcards

Guess the answer: Create an image with a question and answer https://h5p.org/guess-the-answer

Image Hotspots: Create an image with multiple info hotspots https://h5p.org/image-hotspots

Images sequencing: Place images in the correct order https://h5p.org/content-types/image-sequencing

Interactive book: Create courses, books or tests https://h5p.org/content-types/interactive-book

Mark the words: Create a task where users highlight words https://h5p.org/mark-the-words

Memory Game: Create the classic image pairing game https://h5p.org/memory-game

Multiple Choice: Create flexible multiple choice questions https://h5p.org/multichoice

Personality Quizz: Create personality quizzes https://h5p.org/personality-quiz

Quizz (Question set): Create a sequence of various question types https://h5p.org/question-set

Single choice set: Create questions with one correct answer https://h5p.org/single-choice-set

Speak the words set: A series of questions answered by speech https://h5p.org/speak-the-words-set

Summary Create tasks with a list of statements: https://h5p.org/summary

True/False Questions: Create True/False questions https://h5p.org/true-false

Virtual 360°: Create interactive 360 environments https://h5p.org/virtual-tour-360

Interactive video: Create videos enriched with interactions https://h5p.org/interactive-video

Branching scenario: Create dilemmas and self paced learning https://h5p.org/branching-scenario

Advanced fill in the blanks: Fill in the missing words https://h5p.org/advanced-fill-the-blanks